Enhanced Ultimaker 3 printing experience with new Print cores and profiles 

by Redstack 

Ultimaker 3: enhanced 3D printing experience

Ultimaker have enhanced the Ultimaker 3 dual extruder experience with improved material compatability and new nozzles creating new possibilities and more efficient 3D printing.

In order to ensure a seamless 3D printing experience with professional and reliable results, Ultimaker have extensively developed and tested new 3D printing profiles for their Ultimaker CPE+, PC, and TPU 95A 3D printing materials. Profiles for PVA have also been updated, improving the reliability of printing with PLA/PVA and enabling the combination of CPE/PVA with the Ultimaker 3 Dual Extrusion 3D printers.

Ultimaker 3 dual material chart

Ultimaker 3 Dual Material Compatability Chart

Ultimaker chart

3D Printer and Material Compatability Chart

We have also released a new nozzle size for Ultimaker print cores. While the original 0.4 mm print cores can print in great detail, the new 0.8 mm nozzles deliver faster 3D printing - ideal for quick mockups and initial prototypes. The 0.8 mm print cores can print in different quality profiles, depending on your need for speed. They are plug and play ready, ensuring a smooth and seamless operation of the Ultimaker 3.

The AA print cores are designed to print with the range of Ultimaker build materials. The BB print cores have a slightly different inner nozzle geometry, allowing them to print with water soluble PVA support. When PVA is used in combination with another material like PLA, Nylon, or CPE, you can create more complex geometries and intricate structures.

Ultimaker print coreUltimaker print core

Print Core AA 0.8                                   Print Core BB 0.8

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