New Ultimaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit 

by Redstack 

Ultimaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit

The new Ultimaker 3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit is now available from Redstack. The kit is specifically designed to ensure consistent and high quality results when 3D printing with advanced materials like ABS, PP, CPE+, or PC on the Ultimaker 3 or the Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printers. The front enclosure protects the print from air currents and provides a stable temperature environment within the 3D printer. The adhesion sheets provide an improved adhesion surface. We recommend using the adhesion sheets when printing with PP, CPE+, or PC material. The adhesion sheets are not required when printing with TPU 95A - this material adheres very well to the sheet. It will be difficult to remove your print from the sheet after printing.  

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