Vaupell Saves Time and Money on Investment Casting with 3D Systems 


Antimony-free SLA QuickCast patterns dramatically reduce the time and cost of aerospace investment casting tools

Traditional investment casting—creating metal parts from a ceramic mold after a wax pattern has been burned away—has been around for more than 5,000 years. Over the last century, the process has benefited from many innovations, but it is still slow and costly to create this kind of tooling for complex parts. Production time is typically measured in months and costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But if Vaupell, a 70-year-old supplier of aerospace components and subassemblies and a more than 20-year veteran of 3D printing, is any example, the workflow is changing rapidly.

Vaupell is using QuickCast®, the stereolithography (SLA) process developed by 3D Systems for investment casting, to deliver unprecedented speed and quality to its customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional methodologies. The QuickCast process is ideal for the aerospace market, which often requires low volumes of highly complex parts.

To find out more about the processes and result of the project, watch the video or read the full case study here.

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