3D Scanning and 3D Printing of Bernie Dasboard Dolls – for Parkinson’s Disease. 


We wanted to create a wobbly doll, Australian made and with a genuine look to it. Somehow linking it back to real people and PD. I investigated getting a doll made but soon realised this was a mammoth exercise. So after being confronted by brick walls I thought out of the box and wondered about making small statues almost as if they were little art pieces. I racked my brain and came across the thought that a 3D might work.
Then the journey began. I soon realised that getting a 3D scan and a 3D print was not that easy. Not because of the technique but because I was confronted with a maze of unsuccessful attempts until I found someone who knew what they were talking about….
Shane Rolton Managing Director from Wysiwyg 3D listened with interest to our idea, and then he shared with us that his grandfather had Parkinson’s. He saw an opportunity to use Wysiwyg’s expertise to contribute to a good cause. It took only about 10 minutes with a portable 3D scanner to scan Bernie. It was fascinating to see how quickly the 3D model appeared on the computer screen and Bernie had fun looking at his digital ‘minime’.
Wysiwyg 3D used 3D Printing which allowed us to print “smaller versions of Bernie and we worked together to modify the figure with a little spring so that it would ‘wobble’ when moving it.
It was fun driving around the block to test if the figure wobbled on the car dashboard”.
Using the 3D Systems Projet 4500 from was the right tool for this job, parts needed to be strong so they could be attached on a car dash, yet light enough to enable a ‘good’ wobble and in full colour.  
The thing that was special for us about 3D is it’s realism. This was very important for our project because INF is about real people with a larger than life challenge…. coping with PD.
John Peplow ITF
Working together with Shake It Up and supported by The Garvan Institute, ITF is the people’s voice, a gathering of those touched by the disease. Parkinson’s Disease is recognised as one of the worst degenerative illnesses but it is not considered a national health priority, raising funds through the sale of the Bernie Dashboard Doll and the Book (a photographic portrait of people who are living a positive way with the disease) will help raise the public consciousness about Parkinson’s Disease but In a light hearted way.

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