Utah Trikes Cuts Costs By 8-10 Times With On-Site 3D Printing 


Leave it to a custom trike maker to figure out a way to keep their design and manufacturing process rolling. Once Utah Trikes realized 3D printing could speed their design cycle and reduce costs they were all-in. But add to that the introduction of strong, lightweight carbon fiber material and the trike maker uses phrases like “game-changing.”

Watch the video to see how 3D printers with the capability to print with the high stiffness-to-weight-ratio of carbon fiber allow them to go from design to real production parts.

Strength. Stiffness. Carbon Fibre. Make it with Stratasys Carbon Fibre

Fortus 380 Carbon Fibre Edition
Superior strength at an exceptional price
Get the strength of carbon fibre without warp or curl. Swap metal for lighter tools, functional prototypes and production parts. Soluble support enables design freedom. 

  • - 87% Larger build volume for larger and more parts
  • - Heated build chamber to prevent parts curling
  • - Superior Material Strength
  • - 133% MORE Carbon Fibres
  • - 47% LONGER Carbon Fibres
  • - Prints 2 -5X Faster at Lower Cost
  • - Soluble Support allows for complex parts


Download Product Brochure here.


Fortus 450mc
Expanded material options plus carbon fibre
Scale production with a larger build size, multiple high performance material options and the strength of carbon fibre. Build the large, complex parts needed for today’s manufacturing. 

For stringent functional testiTake designs from virtual to real in hours, not weeks. From functional prototypes with exacting tolerances, to manufacturing tools that perform under pressure, the Fortus 380mc and Fortus 450mc 3D production systems set a high bar for speed, performance and accuracy.

The competitive advantages of additive manufacturing are continuously reinforced by a growing list of supported engineering and high-performance thermoplastics.

Download Product Brochure here.

Stratasys F900
Manufacturing-level production plus carbon fibre
Meet the demanding needs of today’s production environment. Get the strength of carbon fibre plus expanded material options in the largest build size. 3D print in standard thermoplastics to high-performance, heat-resistant ULTEM materials. 

The Stratasys F900 is the top of the line 3D production system in the world. All the advantages of the Fortus family, but with a massive build envelope. In manufacturing and production, this is where game really starts to change.

The most powerful FDM system available, delivering remarkable agility, sharp accuracy and high return on investment. With 12 real thermoplastic options including Nylon Carbon Filled and a massive build envelope, its only real competition is the old way of doing things.

Download Product Brochure here.


For more information, visit Objective 3D


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