Information for Australian Businesses to realise time and Cost savings via the use OF 3d Manufacturing Techniques 

by A3DMA 




Australian 3D Manufacturing Association


19 November 2015

InfoRmation for Australian Businesses, TO realisE time and Cost savings Via THE USE OF 3d manufacturing TECHNIQUES.

Significant time and cost savings can be realised by business when utilising 3D manufacturing techniques. Many more Australian businesses, from motor mechanics and engineers through to doctors and builders are developing new products and making significant improvements to business practices.

The future is bright and the possibilities for Australian business are enormous when it comes to the technology that The Economist describes as “the third industrial revolution” and Harvard Business Review says “is changing the way we think”. The Department of Industry Innovation and Science has partnered with the A3DMA to determine how best to deliver a Capability Directory to assist Australian businesses reap the benefits of this latest industrial revolution.

The first step is a survey of capability that has been circulated today to the 3D Manufacturing Industry.

Michael de Souza (CEO A3DMA) said today, “We are developing a sophisticated capability directory that will remain relevant and up to date, using best practice methods, to inform Australian businesses of the most beneficial ways to utilise 3D manufacturing”.

He urged businesses already using utilising 3D manufacturing, “to participate in the gathering of both current and relevant information to assist in the development and maintenance of this important and comprehensive tool that will undoubtedly help Australian enterprises compete on a global scale”.

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About A3DMA:

The Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA) is the not-for-profit peak industry body that develops, promotes and informs Australian organisations and individuals about this new revolution. Almost every aspect of life will be affected by these technologies – from factories to fashion, from schools to space and from cars to cartilage.


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