New Ultimaker Cura 2.6.1 and Firmware 3.7 s 

by Redstack 

New Ultimaker Cura 2.6.1 and Firmware 3.7

Complementing the introduction of Ultimaker PP Polypropylene filament and thew new 0.8mm print cores, Ultimaker have also released a new version of Cura - 2.6.1. Some of the key features in the updated software include:

  • Local version folders. Cura 2.6.1 has local version folders, which means the new Cura version won’t overwrite the existing configuration and profiles from older Cura versions but creates a new folder instead.
  • Better support adhesion. The new Cura version has improved support profiles with better PLA/PVA and Nylon/PVA adhesion. The CPE/PVA combination is also supported in the new Cura.
  • Model auto-arrange. It's now easier to arrange your build plate when placing multiple models or copying a single model. With the model auto-arrange feature, Cura automatically re-arranges your build plate so that none of the models are positioned beyond the boundaries of the build plate, for example.

The new Cura version also supports Ultimaker PP Polypropylene filament and the new Ultimaker 0.8 mm print cores.

The latest firmware update delivers a range of improvements, including the ability to restart a print directly from the Ultimaker 3 3D printer, without needing to use Cura software. Ultimkaer have also added a new feature to assist in print core cleaning. This menu option gives the user accurate input on how to execute a hot or a cold pull to fully unclog a  blocked nozzle. Another highlight of the updated Ultimaker 3 firmware is an improved material change procedure. When changing materials, the Ultimaker 3 automatically clears out all residue material, ensuring the print core is completely clean when your new material is inserted.

Download Cura 2.6.1 for enhanced 3D printing today or contact Redstack for further information.


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