The 3D Printer Launches its Reseller Program and Gives Access to Premium Filament 


we have launched our reseller program here in Australia. We can now offer a range of products at a discounted rate to resellers. What is new about this program is that we don’t have any hidden shipping fees that surprise the resellers, we have access to BEEVERYCREATIVE’s range of printers, allowing us to give more momentum to the brand here in Australia and we also offer a very exciting pre-approved rebate for resellers showing that they are putting efforts into selling products for us and them.

More about the program can be read in our booklet here

More about the program and the products available can be found here


The most exciting development could be that we are now able to offer our very own Premium Generic Filament to resellers expanding on its take up in Australia. We are produ to say that our filament has and is being used in a variety of industries and is actually a preferred material among many. Feedback thus far over the past 10 Months has been positive. So positive that its been suggested many times that we should be charging a higher price for such a quality filament. But Director Dion Parsons says he is very proud of his efforts for the development of this product and happy to be able to offer the filament at the same price point he began selling it at.



We are excited to be offering more to resellers in Australia and cannot wait to further concrete Australia’s take up of 3D Printing in all industries. 


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