Projet 3500 Series - Ultra High Resolution 


The 3500 series ultra high resolution 3D printers use resin material applied at very thin layers with high dots per inch to achieve thin walls and small features that are retained throughout the support material removal process.

Key features of the 3500 series 3D printers are:

  • Wax support material which gently melt outs leaving fine details undamaged.

  • Low labour time for support removal and cleanup

  • Full 3D nesting of parts to maximise print efficiencies

  • Easy to clean print heads done electronically (no chemical clean required)

  • Wide range of materials including ABS like, PP like, translucent, direct metal casting and dental stone like.

High Resolution ProJet® 3510 SD
The affordable ProJet® 3510 SD prints high quality, durable plastic parts for engineering and mechanical design applications including functional testing, form and fit verification, rapid prototyping, design communication, rapid tooling and more. This office friendly 3D Printer delivers exceptional parts on demand.

ProJet® 3510 HD
The ProJet® 3510 HD prints precision, durable plastic parts ideal for functional testing, design
communication, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling and more. With a choice in materials and selectable print resolutions, this office friendly, easy to use 3D Printer is packed with features that help you maximise your return on investment (ROI).

ProJet® 3510 HDPlus
The ProJet® 3510 HDPlus offers the flexibility to choose between 3 resolution modes to
print concept models, verification prototypes and patterns for pre-production and digital
manufacturing. Just connect to the printer to print extremely finely featured plastic parts with a greater output.

ProJet® 3500 HDMax
The high capacity ProJet® 3500 HDMax offers greater productivity, including a High Speed printing mode, and larger high definition prints for the production of functional plastic parts for product design and manufacturing applications. Benefit from the increased throughput and part size with feature detail and quality only possible with ProJet printers.

ProJet® 3500 CP Series - Investment Casting
The ProJet® 3510 CP series is transforming the use of 3D printing for the rapid production of direct investment casting patterns for virtually any geometry. This 3D printer produces 100% RealWax™ superior quality patterns, that are ideal for general foundry casting applications such as medium-sized to large mechanical parts for engines, pneumatics, aerospace, energy, custom manufacturing equipment, restorations and other heavy equipment.

High resolution CP machines are used in casting jewelry, apparel, microdetail medical devices, medical implants, electrical components, figurines and replicas.

ProJet® 3500 DP/MP Series - Dental 3D Printing
The ProJet 3510 DP printer can generate hundreds of dental solution units during each print cycle that can be cast or pressed with conventional techniques. This dental professional printer prints consistently, accurately and economically, delivering precision wax-ups with an extremely smooth surface finish.

he ProJet 3510 MP dental 3D printer offers extended, unattended operation for use in labs with same-day processing to reduce time and cost. Produce models in any size with a choice between smooth and matte print modes. 

Download the 3500 series brochure: 


3500MP/DP Dental

3500CP Direct Casting


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