Winery Tops Off Tour with 3D Printed Map of Vineyard 


Full-color appearance model of vineyard terrain helps winery visitors understand the different subtleties of wine.

Wine aficionados already know: the environment in which wine grapes grow impacts the final characteristics of the wine. Some subtly, some not so subtly. This element is known as terroir, a term that describes the complete natural environment from which a wine comes, including the climate and topography all the way down to the soil. These variables are anything but inconsequential to the flavor, color and body of the wine, and can be fascinating to learn about. Yet short of walking through a vineyard with surveying poles and kneeling to rub earth between your fingers, it can be challenging to get a comprehensive picture of terroir to fully appreciate the nuances at play in your glass.

This was a problem for Ten Minutes by Tractor, a winery on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, that wanted to give its patrons a deeper understanding of its wines. Ten Minutes by Tractor is made up of three vineyards located ten minutes apart with widely different environmental characteristics that deliver vastly distinctive wines. The winery’s goal is to add value to its wine tour experience wherever possible by sharing its knowledge of wine making with its visitors. Yet verbally explaining the impact and differences in terroir proved minimally engaging without a visual reference. The winery needed a way to clearly communicate the contributions of the region to its wines that was accessible and effective.

Read the full case study to learn more about how 3D priting enabled Ten Minutes by Tractor to deliver a truly unique cellar door experience.

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