3D Systems: Injection Molding End-to-End Services From Rapid Injection Molded Prototype Parts to High Volume Production Tooling 


3D Systems provides plastic injection molding solutions ranging from Rapid Injection Molding to Production Tooling. With 3D Sysems, you have options of building injection molds to fit your program requirements no matter how large or small from concept to production.

Whether you are a large OEM, custom injection molder or a product design firm, 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing, Quickparts can help you realize substantial cost and time savings.

We offer several different injection molding services based on your project needs and requirements:

QuickMold Tooling specializes in straight-pull, no-action injection molded parts made from common thermoplastic materials. This process allows you to receive straight-pull molded parts in days, not weeks.
Low-Volume Injection Molding provides ready-to-shoot Aluminum tools with no geometry limits on part dimensions. This process is ideal for low-volume production of complex parts.
Production Injection Mold Tooling (also known as prototype-to-production tooling) is production steel multi-cavity tooling that incorporates the prototype tool and production tool together into one mold. This process contains no geometry, volume or manufacturing limits on your part.
Production Tools for Molders is an offshore mold manufacturing service that offers completed steel molds, built to your standards and specifications, to run on your presses.

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