Agile Product Design is a new approach to build products faster and with more innovation, using rapid iteration, tight communication between a geographically diverse team, and an openness to change.  

As part of National Manufacturing Week’s four-day speaker program at the Industry 4.0 Theatre, visitors will hear from Onshape co-founder John McEleney will explore the ways in which cloud-based CAD makes collaboration between designers and manufacturers far more efficient.

Onshape is the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone on a design team simultaneously work together using a web browser, phone or tablet. McEleney will discuss the success of Australian product designer Bruce Bartlett, who specializes in agricultural equipment.

Bartlett and his American-based partner recently relied on cloud-based CAD to build the Walkabout Mother Bin, a portable 110-ton grain silo on wheels that provides surplus crop storage while the delivery trucks are in transit.

Because cloud-based CAD allows everyone on a design team to instantly see each other’s edits in real time, Bartlett and his colleague in the American Midwest could collaborate on their model as if they were in the same room versus being 9,000 miles away. They no longer had to experience the communication delays and confusion over sending multiple versions of CAD files by email or Dropbox.

Using the Walkabout Mother Bin example, McEleney will explore how any design and

manufacturing team can be more productive by using real-time CAD collaboration versus traditional methods – and by using real-time analytics as well. Transitioning CAD systems and CAD data from individual machines to the cloud is revolutionizing how products evolve from the idea stage to the shelf.

National Manufacturing Week is set to attract more than 30 speakers across five speaker streams: industry capability development, product and service innovation, process improvement, sustainable manufacturing and technology innovation.

Delegates will also be able to explore live demonstrations and the latest expertise and technology from more than 230 exhibitors spanning eleven specialist Product Zones. These are Advanced Materials, Air Technology, Automation and Robotics, Digital Manufacturing, Electrical, Engineering, Process Control and Instrumentation, Research and Development, Safety, Supply Chain Logistics and Welding Technology.

NMW 2017 will again be co-located with the Safety First Conference & Expo, along with Austech and the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo.

For more information about the National Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition, or to register for the 2017 event, please visit


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