3D Printing - Fused Deposition Modelling. Great for prototypes and manufacturing 


Our 3D Printing service is a cost effective way to model or prototype and manufacture. ISCA has the FORTUS 400mc fused deposition modelling technology in house.

Our 3D printing technology can produce production quality components and working models. The FORTUS 400mc fused deposition modelling technology can output CAD files in a variety of plastics and colours. Which means you can produce parts or models that will function and look like a manufactured injection moulded plastic.

The technology also allows the engineering and design envelope to stretched to simplify component construction or alternatively you can design built structures that are to complex to mould.

For short run components, you may to choose to bypass conventional plastic injection moulding, toolmaking and go straight to 3D print on demand.

ISCA can also assist with industrial design. Call us to discuss you product, component of design 02 9913 8566.


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