3D Printing Cultural Museum Shanghai 


Around a month ago Doug Baird was in Shanghai for the Farsoon Global Partners Summit and was also visiting the TCT Asia Pacific 2018 trade exhibition. While in Shanghai Doug also visited the 3D Printing Cultural Museum in Baoshan dedicated to the history and future of the 3D printing industry in China spread across a large 6 floor building. China is sending a clear message that it’s taking its national 3D printing culture very seriously.

There are nine functional spaces housed in the museum serving as an historical and cultural education and provide specialised cultural experience. The 3D Printing Cultural Museum displays a vast collection of 3D printing technology from various fields of design and application. Metal works of art making use of selective laser melting (SLM) can be viewed alongside 3D printed nylon furniture, 3D printed ceramics, and dazzling 3D printed jewelry in all shapes and sizes.

The museum from the entrance through to the cafe has the wow factor and includes samples of 3D printing from science, technology, and design. Anyone curious about 3D printing should visit the museum as China is investing heavily in the 3d printing industry and it's a great lesson and example of the integration between culture and industry within China today.


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