3D Scanning for Ronnie van Hout – Sculpture at Christchurch Art Gallery. 


Loyal Customer and Sculptor Ronnie van Hout goes international with a giant new sculpture on the Gallery roof at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

Ronnie van Hout is a New Zealand artist that currently lives in Melbourne. He works across a wide variety of media including sculpture, video, painting, photography, embroidery, and sound recordings.

His latest piece is a crafty and clever rooftop sculpture that sits on top of Christchurch Art Gallery's building. It is a giant hand with a grim face that peers down at the city below.

The hand and face are based on the artist Ronnie van Hout's own which WYSIWYG 3D was involved providing the scans and the consolidation of ideas from concept to object.

Ronnie named his piece “Quasi” and on an interview to Afternoons he said: “I saw it on top of the building like the quasimodo character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame".



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