Has post-processing finally met its match? 


Has post-processing finally met its match?    

Melbourne,  Australia - May 8, 2017 

Melbourne-based start-up, 3D Formulations, solve problems with solutions, literally. For the past two years, the teams attention has been laser-focused on additive manufacturing technologies, and the burden of post-processing, in particular, dangerous and unpredictable “subtractive” practices such as vapour-smoothing and sanding, which are contradictory to the very principle of “additive manufacturing”. “Once you start sanding or vapour smoothing, there’s no going back. We wish we were announcing the end of post-processing”, said 3D Formulations Founder/Formulator Derek Arnnarle. “Not quite”. “However, we can announce, that from today, post-processing can be easier, faster, better controlled and much safer for both you and your project”. The 3D Formulations “exclusively professional” product suite, is a cohesive and comprehensive range of products, created to reduce the burden and risk of post-processing, whichever the 3d printing technology. 

Derek is particularly excited by the potential use, of the products in the bio-science sector. The results that we can achieve, using just two of the products to greatly enhance poly-jet multi-material medical models, is “pretty impressive” says Derek. The feedback from a beta trial, earlier this year was “really reassuring”. “Thank goodness you’re here! “ was a common response from early adopters, “especially from the education sector, given that the product range is  water-based and doesn't require a dedicated post-processing area”. 

He also acknowledged the support given in the development and trial of the products, by the engineers and technicians at Objective 3D PTY. LTD.; a Stratasys Platinum Partner, and printing service, based in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. After developing the first two products, Derek realised that he would need a local partner to gain access to the broadest and latest 3d printing technologies and engineers to trial the products. Managing Director of Objective 3D, Matt Minio “got it” and “was on-board from our first phone conversation”. Said Derek.  

“Just because I came up with these products, doesn't make me the best at using them. We know what they do and why they do it, but we’re genuinely looking forward to learning what others can achieve with the products and how they achieve it. I bet there will be all sorts of wacky and wonderful applications and innovations, that the community will come up with and hopefully we can all share our successes and learn from our mistakes, together” he said.  

3D Formulations ships world-wide and the range is available on-line at and through which currently ships within Australia & New Zealand. Regularly check the Objective 3D website for promotions and collections which will be exclusive to them. Both websites hope to fulfil orders directly from the United States/Canada and Europe, in the very near future, as demand increases. For now, international orders will be quickly shipped by air, from Australia.   



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