eBook - The Additive Advantage: Metal 3D Printing and Lightweighting - The pressure is on to get weight out 


Engineers everywhere have to deliver…and deliver again, consistent improvement in parts and systems is a standard part of the job.

Driving up fuel efficiency, while cutting operating costs and emissions: in aviation, aerospace, automotive or motorsports – its the same challenge. And the answer is – lighter parts.

But swapping heavy for light is just the first step in the marathon – to put real distance between you and the competition, you need innovation. Three tools give you the edge, non-standard for sure, but tried and tested too : Metal 3D printing, also known as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), direct metal printing (DMP) and metal additive manufacturing are the game-changers.

This ebook is for curious and competitive businesses, engineers, and designers who want to unlock the advantages metal 3D printing has to offer. We will start with some basic concepts and definitions, provide actual and theoretical application examples, and share some design and manufacturing strategies you can incorporate to optimize your outcomes.


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