Emirates Uses SLS Printing For Better Fuel Economy and Supply Chain Efficiency 


Flame retardant nylon material and 3D Systems SLS printing help airline lower weight of in-cabin parts for significant operational cost savings opportunity.

“Even a small reduction in weight of a single cabin component can have a significant impact when compounded over our fleet of over 265 aircraft… The opportunities and potential for lighter weight parts are staggering.” — Ahmed Safa, Senior Vice President, Engineering Support Services at Emirates



Reduce part weight for high volume, high turnover parts to improve operating efficiency and cost savings using materials that comply with stringent aviation standards.


Fit-for-purpose parts delivered using reverse engineering and 3D Systems’ selective laser sintering (SLS) with certified DuraForm® ProX® FR1200 flame retardant nylon material.


• 9–13% weight reduction in SLS printed parts as compared to conventionally produced ones

• Significant cost savings introduced with every weight saving measure

• Potential for significant reductions in fuel emissions

• Flame retardant nylon passes certification for civil aviation • SLS printing offers faster, cheaper alternative for delivering bespoke cabin parts with potential to reduce inventory for increased supply chain efficiency



Everything matters in the aviation industry, and anything that can be improved, should be improved. Emirates airline has taken this approach from day one and uses innovative new technologies to change the landscape of aviation. As a company in constant search of leading methodologies to deliver better products, better experiences, and better cost-value benefit, Emirates began exploring 3D technology in 2014, and identified interior cabin parts as a fertile testing ground for bringing 3D plastic production on board. Of particular interest was a new and improved solution for high volume, high turnover complex components such as its seatback video monitor shrouds, which must periodically be replaced to restore the aircraft cabin appeal and image.

Read the case study here to learn more about the processes used and the results of the project. 

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