Dr. Daniel East Director CSIRO Lab22 Presenting The digitisation of objects – Industrial additive manufacturing for Inside 3D Printing Sydney Conference. 


Dr. Daniel East, Director CSIRO Lab22 Presenting The digitisation of objects – Industrial additive manufacturing for Inside 3D Printing, 9th May Conference.

Dr. Daniel East, Director CSIRO Lab22, will present “The digitisation of objects – Industrial additive manufacturing ” at the upcoming Inside3DPrinting Conference in Sydney Australia, May 11. Dr. East prepared preliminary statements about his upcoming speech and CSIRO for publication here:

'3D printing is the tool that will allow the digitisation of Manufacturing, transforming the industry in the same way that the digitisation of information has transformed the finance and entertainment industries. 

3D printing will allow you to print what you want, when you want, and to your exact specifications, just as iTunes® gave us the freedom to buy selected songs without purchasing the whole album. 

The revolution towards on-demand point-of-sale manufacture is already starting to occur in markets that focus on customised individual items, such as medical device manufacture and sporting goods. These changes will disrupt the cyclic nature of the retail industry and the logistics industry. For example, there is no need for the warehousing and distribution of saleable goods on-demand manufacture as raw materials will be converted to saleable product when the need arises.

With no excess stock, there can be no unsold stock, and thus no end-of-season sales. In fact, there may be no ‘seasons’, as the limitations imposed by the tooling and logistics functions of the production process will be lifted, and the way the retail industry and design cycle operates totally liberated. However, this transformation is not without significant obstacles; technical and regulatory hurdles must be overcome to enable the widespread adoption of 3D printing to produce customised parts at the point-of-use.

CSIRO is working towards making this future with research work across the whole supply chain of additive manufacturing. We are working on a new process for the input material be that powder, wire or new polymers. We are working on expanding the envelope of alloys that are 3D printable with work developing build algorithms that optimise material performance. 

Once the part has been produced CSIRO is developing techniques to inspect and qualify parts. Using techniques that can highlight common defects that appear in objects produced via metallic additive manufacturing. 

CSIRO is also working in the virtual environment with the development of models that can simulate all stages of metallic powder bed based systems, from the laying down of powder, interaction of the energy beam with the powder bed, solidification and microstructure development and finally residual stress development in the part. 

The combination of this research with that of other institutions will lead to additive manufacturing becoming an integral part of the manufacturing environment.


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