uPrint 3D Printers 


uPrint 3D Printers

3D printers available for order online in Australia 

3D printers allow you to print professional-grade 3D models right at your desk. Powered by Stratasys-proven Fused Deposition Modelling technology, the uPrint SE 3D Printer, available across Australia, builds accurate, functional concept models, rapid prototypes and product mock-ups in ivory ABS plus thermoplastic — right from your CAD file.

How does the uPrint 3D printer work?

The uPrint 3D printer is quickly becoming one of the most sought after additive manufacturing machines for Australian design engineers. The printer’s material bay contains two material carriers, one for support material and one for modelling material. Modelling and support material spools easily slide into the material bay. Solid filaments of both materials are fed through tubes in your uPrint 3D printer, from the material bay to the print head, where they are liquefied and deposited onto the modelling base.

Modelling bases are recyclable and provide a smooth surface onto which your uPrint 3D printer creates your models.

The WaveWash Support Cleaning System helps you quickly remove support material hands-free. The uPrint 3D Printer series uses Soluble Support Technology (SST) that dissolves the support material away in a water-based solution. You just pop your completed concept model off the modelling base and place it in the WaveWash.

Order your uPrint 3D printer in Australia with Tasman 3D and enjoy the freedom and creativity that comes from the ability to build functional models, prototypes and product mock-ups.


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