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Why We Did It
Once upon a time, we bought a 3D printer and had no one to help us when things went south. It prompted us to see the imperative need for great customer support – a human who knew the printer inside and out, and was just a phone call or an email away. Thus was born DoodadDoes – we know and love the printers we sell, and we will always be here to help you.

Why We Do It
We at DoodadDoes are a couple of sort-of-geeks who love technology and learning. More than that, we love to share what we learn. We are also keen on the idea that awesome things can be made by the average brilliant individual in the workshop at home. Genius isn’t the prerogative of corporations or research institutions, it’s the proper right of earthlings.

The Way it Should Be
We think the world would be best if all cool technology were open source technology, if everyone could freely hack for the sake of exploration, and if ideas and information were available for anyone to read and use. We don’t believe our government should spy on or restrict our internet activities. We do believe in helping all earthlings to learn to love to learn.

But, Who ARE YOU?
DoodadDoes was started by Isaac and Julie here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. We like to print useful things. We also like to print not so useful, but super cool things with our Rostock Max and Taz.


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