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    Stratasys Design Series

    The power of prototyping. Maximized. Stratasys Design Series 3D Printers dramatically tighten design and development cycles, improve communication and collaboration, and resolve issues between des...

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    Da Vinci 1.0A 3D Printer by XYZ Printing

    The da Vinci 1.0A is a plug-n-play 3D printer with a large build size designed specifically for households and small businesses. With no assembly required, a smart design, unique safety features and e...

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    Dimension 3D Printers have proven the most popular 3D printer family in Australia and the world for more than ten years. Engineers trust Dimension 3D Printers because they know the 3D models they prod...

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    uPrint 3D Printers

    uPrint 3D Printers 3D printers available for order online in Australia  3D printers allow you to print professional-grade 3D models right at your desk. Powered by Stratasys-proven Fused Dep...

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    Projet 3500 Series - Ultra High Resolution

    The 3500 series ultra high resolution 3D printers use resin material applied at very thin layers with high dots per inch to achieve thin walls and small features that are retained throughout the suppo...

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    3D Printers

    We only offer printers which we have thouroughly tested and printers which we know are reliable and offer quality prints. Our range includes FDM printers such as UP and Mankati, SLA and DLP 3D Printer...

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