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evok3d now offering Statasys┬« compatible materials at 25% to 38% less than the OEM list price 


Do you dread purchasing materials for your Stratasys® FDM® 3D printer because of the exorbitant prices? Well we have good news, you can now save thousands of dollars per year by using evok3d supplied premium quality Stratasys® compatible materials and not risk your OEM warranty. 

Evok3d has been delivering professional and production 3D printing solutions since 2012 and services all industries with a key focus on excellent after sales service and support.

“It is our mission is to make 3D printing accessible and economically viable for industry and education, so we have partnered with a US based manufacturer of high quality 3D printing materials as their exclusive Oceania distributor” says evok3d managing director Joe Carmody.

“The market is telling us they want better value consumables and a supplier that is easy to deal with so that is exactly what we are offering” said Joe Carmody.

Manufactured in in the USA, these materials are tried and tested with widespread adoption across North America: “These materials are currently being used by over 700 companies such as NIKE, Boeing, Honda and GE”. Uptake in Australia has been swift with many Fortus®, Dimension® & Uprint® machines now running these materials in Australia with great results.

“The cost of the print material always got the eyes rolling at the time of purchase order approvals. Well , not anymore. With a larger spool that is also cheaper there are substantial savings to be had. The material appears to be used at the same rate (i.e no different in density or consumption) and the three items We have printed thus far have all printed trouble free. We also loved the ability to finally print in different colour (other than the ivory). The installation was well documented and not difficult at all.  It is our first purchase from evok3d and its early days to make a more comprehensive review however that said. With a great product at a reasonable price, great service and communication, can't ask for much more. Other than for further price drops in future.”

***** (five stars) Value for money

September 28, 2016

Reviewer: Norm H. from Southport, QLD Australia

You can easily order premium quality compatible materials for your Stratasys® FDM® machine online today by following this link: https://goo.gl/Tb6vxN

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