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Design Freedom with Metal 3D Printing

Do you require same strength but lighter weight solution? Do you require multiple part consolidation? Do you require injection moulding with conformal cooling? Are you producing medical / dental impla...


Reinventing Invention | The new Stratasys J750 reduces cost of prototypes by over 70%.

Objective 3D

Stratasys J750 isn't just our latest innovation. It's yours. It's any shape you can imagine, any color you can dream of, and any detail words can't express — made tangible in...

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Metal Production Solutions

Objective 3D

Objective3D brings you Metal Machine Solutions from Concept Laser, global leader in the design and manufacture of powderbed-based laser metal additive manufacturing systems. Metal additive manufacturi...

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Product Design - Installation Design - Architectural Design

Convolo Design

Informed by research and experimentation into various disciplines Convolo Design achieves unique aesthetic and tactile qualities throughout the scope of design work.  Computational desig...

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